Guest Tickets

How many Guest Tickets will I receive?

2019 Guest Ticket Allocations:

Undergraduate Ceremonies:

Agriculture, Health & Natural Resources: 10 guest tickets
Business: 10 guest tickets
Education: 10 guest tickets
Engineering: 8 guest tickets
Fine Arts: 10 guest tickets
General Studies, Bachelor of: 10 guest tickets
Liberal Arts & Sciences: 6 guest tickets (Note: Additional tickets for both CLAS ceremonies will not be available.)
Nursing: Tickets for the Nursing Commencement ceremony will be distributed by the Dean's Office directly to candidates.
Pharmacy (BS): Tickets for the Pharmacy (BS) Commencement ceremony will be distributed by the Dean's Office directly to candidates.

Graduate Ceremonies:

Doctoral Ceremony: 6 guest tickets
Law, School of: The School of Law handles their own ticketing.
Masters Ceremony: 7 guest tickets
PharmD Ceremony: Tickets for the PharmD Commencement ceremony will be distributed by the Dean's Office directly to candidates.
UConn Health: UConn Health handles their own ticketing.

Additional Information:

We encourage candidates to only take the number of guest tickets that they will actually use. If you are allocated 10 tickets but know you will only use 5, please only take 5 tickets.

Children who are four (4) years old and older will require a ticket to attend the ceremony.

If you have additional family members and friends who are interested in watching but you do not have enough Guest Tickets, please let them know about the live streaming of our ceremonies. More information can be found on the "Live Streaming & Photography" page of this website.

How do I obtain my Guest Tickets?

Please visit the "Student Preparation" section of this website for detailed instructions on obtaining Guest Tickets for your respective ceremony. Only the graduating student can pick-up (or request mailing of) Guest Tickets.

Policy re: Dual Degrees and Dual Majors

May Commencement Ticket Policy concerning Dual Degrees and Dual Majors:

Some of our graduating students are students with dual majors, with both majors in the same school or college.  Some others receive dual degrees, when the student has fulfilled requirements for two separate degrees in two different schools or colleges.  In the past, it was necessary to severely limit the number of tickets to dual degree students because of seating limitations at the unified, all-University commencement.  Now that each school or college holds its own commencement exercises, and with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences holding two ceremonies to accommodate its growing number of graduates, seating limitations are not as critical.

Students who will receive dual degrees may receive the maximum number of tickets allowed for each school’s ceremony, if they wish.  In the case of dual majors in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, students should attend the ceremony for their primary major, as previously noted.

Questions about an individual student’s dual degree situation should be directed to Kathleen Shipton in the Registrar’s Office.