Herald trumpeters play at Commencement in Gampel Pavilion with University of Connecticut seal in foreground


Commencement at the University of Connecticut is a time of ceremony and pageantry, a time for marking academic achievements, and a time to begin the next step in life. Family and friends gather to witness the formal end to a student's college years; faculty, staff and trustees join in the tradition of conferring degrees; and students participate in an annual rite that marks their individual accomplishments.

The University of Connecticut is committed to helping reduce the risk that the COVID-19 virus presents to the UConn community and our state. There will be no in-person Commencement exercises in May of this year. To the Class of 2020, we know this is not the way you expected your time at UConn to end. We invite you to come together to be appropriately honored and recognized, as you deserve to be.

Commencement 2020

We invite graduating seniors to visit the Commencement 2020 website to find out more about the ways in which UConn will honor your accomplishments.

2020 Commencement Program

Commencement FAQ


Will UConn consider holding a virtual ceremony?
A virtual ceremony will be posted to the Commencement 2020 website on Saturday, May 9, 2020 for graduates to view at their leisure.


Will the ceremonies be rescheduled and held in-person on campus at a later date? Can you hold one large ceremony at Rentschler Field?
The University’s Administration is exploring all possibilities to honor the Class of 2020. When decisions are made – both on short-term and long-term plans – information will be posted to the Commencement 2020 website and to the University’s Commencement website.

Diplomas & Diploma Covers

When will I receive my diploma? How can I obtain a diploma cover?
May 2020 graduates will receive their diploma 6-8 weeks after May 9, 2020 which is consistent with prior years. Whereas diploma covers had traditionally been distributed at the in-person ceremonies, this year graduates will receive a diploma cover with their diploma. Please be sure to verify the preferred mailing address on file in case it has changed.


Can I see a copy of the 2020 Commencement Program?
To view a copy of the 2020 Commencement Program, please click here. You can download and save the pdf file to your computer and print off copies (or individual pages), as desired.


Will UConn still produce a printed Commencement Program where all candidate names are listed?
Yes. The Commencement Program is currently in production and announcements will be made regarding distribution to our graduates.


I may not attend the October 2020 ceremony but I am still interested in purchasing souvenir regalia for my own use (photos at home, videos, etc.). Can I still purchase a regalia package?
Yes. Please visit https://uconn.shopoakhalli.com to obtain regalia for your own personal use.


I would only like to purchase a tassel. Is there a way to do this?
Yes. Here are the instructions on how to order just a tassel:

  1. Open the ordering portal and select the “Ship to Home” option.
  2. Under “Event”, choose the Bachelor Degree Purchase option (or any of the three options).
  3. Under “Choose Products”, select the appropriate school/college/degree program and complete the four questions at the bottom to add the full regalia package to your cart.
  4. On the “Accessories” page, select “Extra Tassel Year Date” in the top left and choose the appropriate degree level and appropriate degree. Click “Add to Cart” once desired tassel is indicated.
  5. Select “Next” at the bottom of the page.
  6. On the “Cart” page, you will see a line item for the full regalia package and a line item for the extra tassel. In the line item for the full regalia package, under “Line Total” (next to the price), you will see an X in a circle.
  7. Click on the X in the appropriate line to remove the full regalia package from your cart.
  8. Only the extra tassel will remain in your cart. Complete your purchase from there.


Will students wear regalia to the October 2020 ceremony?
Yes. Students should plan to wear appropriate regalia to the October 2020 ceremony. Please visit https://uconn.shopoakhalli.com to obtain regalia at your convenience.


I purchased my regalia online and selected the “Ship to Home” option. What should I do to obtain a refund?

  • If the order has not shipped, the order can be canceled and a full refund will be issued.
  • If the order has shipped, DO NOT OPEN THE PLASTIC BAG CONTAINING THE REGALIA. Seal the box back up (or do not open the box at all) and return it to Oak Hall at the following address:

Oak Hall Cap & Gown
3812 Blue Ridge Drive
Roanoke, VA 24018

Oak Hall will refund your order (minus shipping and handling) as long as they receive it back within 30 days of shipment. The most important note is that the plastic bag the regalia is in must not have been opened! If it has been opened, the refund will not be processed. This is for health reasons.


I purchased my regalia online and selected the “Ship to Store” option. What should I do to obtain a refund?
A refund will automatically be issued to the credit card on which the regalia was purchased. There will be no need for you to pick-up or return any regalia at any time. Please allow up to 8 weeks for refunds to be processed. Oak Hall is working through the refunds as quickly as possible.

Senior Portraits/Yearbooks

Will I still receive a copy of the Nutmeg Yearbook?
Graduating fee-paying Storrs seniors receive a free copy of the yearbook automatically, and do not need to order a yearbook. The yearbooks are sent to the graduate’s permanent address as listed in Student Admin. The following graduates do NOT receive a free yearbook, because these populations do not pay the Storrs-based student activity fee that funds Nutmeg Publishing:

  • Regional campus graduates
  • Ratcliffe Hicks graduates
  • Non-Bachelor’s Degree (Masters, PhDs) graduates
  • Bachelor of General Studies graduates


When will I receive my copy of the Nutmeg Yearbook?
Yearbooks are on-track to be shipped in the fall.


I did not have an opportunity to have a senior portrait taken on campus. Can I still submit a photo?
Yes. Photos can be submitted until July 1, 2020. The guidelines and submission form are available here


    I have other questions related to Senior Portraits or the Nutmeg Yearbook. Who should I reach out to? 
    Please direct all questions related to Senior Portraits or the Nutmeg Yearbook to Nutmeg Publishing or Editor-in-Chief (Madison Busick).


    Commencement Office
    2019 Hillside Road, Unit 1211
    Storrs, CT 06269-1211