Undergraduate Commencement Speakers in the 1980s

1980 - May 18

Stephen K. Bailey

Bailey was professor of education and social policy, Harvard University Graduate School of Education.

1981 - May 24

Robert W. Blanchette

Blanchette was head of the Federal Railroad Administration, Class of 1953, and one of the first University Scholars.

1982 - May 23

Oakes Ames

Ames was president of Connecticut College in New London, Conn.

1983 - May 22

Douglas Edwards

Edwards was a CBS News anchor and correspondent.

1984 - May 20

Jules Bergman

Bergman was ABC News science correspondent.

1985 - May 19

John A. DiBiaggio

DiBiaggio, president of UConn from 1979 to 1985, marked his final year by delivering the commencement address.

1986 - May 18

John T. Casteen, III

Casteen was UConn president from 1985 to 1990.

1987 - May 24

Sen. Christopher J. Dodd

Dodd (D-Conn.) was the first U.S. Senator to address a UConn graduating class.

1988 - May 22

Arthur Levitt, Jr.

Levitt was Chair and CEO of the, American Stock Exchange.

1989 - May 21

Francisco L. Borges

Borges was Connecticut's state treasurer.


Information on the History of Commencement pages was researched and compiled by Mark J. Roy