Undergraduate Commencement Speakers in the 1960s

1960 - June 12

Norman Cousins

Cousins was editor of The Saturday Review for nearly four decades.

1961 - June 11

Luther H. Evans

Evans was Director General of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) from 1953 to 1958. He spoke on "Problems of Principal in American Foreign Policy."

1962 - June 3

Albert N. Jorgensen

For his final commencement address, Jorgensen talked about "The Greater Destiny". Jorgensen retired in 1962 after 27 years as president.

1963 - June 9

Raymond E. Baldwin

Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court, Baldwin was governor in 1939 and signed the legislation that changed Connecticut State College to The University of Connecticut.

1964 - June 14

John N. Dempsey

Dempsey, a native of Putnam, Connecticut, served as governor from 1961-1971. The hospital at the UConn Health Center was named for him in 1974.

1965 - June 7

Albert E. Waugh

Waugh, a member of the faculty since the 1920s and Provost since 1950, gave this address the year he retired.

1966 - June 13

Victor L. Butterfield

Butterfield was president of Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn. Scheduled for outdoors on the lawn in front of Beach Hall, this ceremony was moved inside to Jorgensen Auditorium by the threat of rain. With a large graduating class, the main ceremony was broadcast on close circuit to several locations on campus (Field House, von der Mehden, Student Union) to reach everyone.

1967 - June 12

Jack H. Vaughn

Vaughn was Director of the Peace Corps.

1968 - June 3

Charles J. Zwick

Zwick, director of the federal Bureau of the Budget, was a member of the UConn Class of 1950, MS '51.

1969 - June 2

Sidney P. Marland, Jr

Marland was President of the Institute for Educational Development, and a member of the Class of 1936 (MA in 1949).


Information on the History of Commencement pages was researched and compiled by Mark J. Roy