Undergraduate Commencement Speakers in the 1900s

1900 - June 13

Dr. Albert E. Winship

Winship was a Boston educator, author of a biography on Horace Mann, and was an editor of the Journal of Education. Winship's commencement remarks were entitled: "Rascals and Saints".

1901 - June 19

Dr. Philip E. Moxom

Moxom, pastor of South Congregational Church of Springfield, Massachusetts, delivered an address entitled "Every Man a Genius".


The Rev. R.G.S. McNeille

The Rev. Robert G. S. McNellie, a native of Philadelphia, Penn., was a Congregational pastor. He graduated from Yale in 1863 with a degree in law. Later he earned a degree from Yale Theological Seminary, where, as a student, he founded the Humphrey Stree church in New Haven. From 1872 to December 1977 he was pastor of Porter Church in Brockton, Mass. and then accepted the call to South Congregational Church in Bridgeport, Conn. He resigned from South Congregational in March, 1895. He died in Roselle, New Jersey four months after delivering his commencement address in Storrs. The title of his address at the CAC commencement was "The Harper and the Harp".

1903 - June 17

Whitman. H. Jordan

Jordan was director of the New York Agricultural Experiment Station at Geneva, New York. He previously did experimental work in agriculture at Penn State University, and two years after his departure, Penn State's agricultural experiement station was established in 1887 and first headed by Henry P. Armsby, who had served as assistant principal and then acting principal of Storrs Agricultural School in 1882.


Rev. Pleasant Hunter

Hunter was pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church of Newark, New Jersey. His address was titled "The Future of the Anglo-Saxon".

1905 - June 14

Rev. Ashley Day Leavitt

"The Individual, Law and Liberty" was the title of Leavitt's commencement remarks. Leavitt was pastor of the State Street Congregational Church in Portland, Maine.

1906 - June 13

Nahum J. Bachelder

Bachelder, who also gave an address at the 1895 Commencement, was master of the National Grange at the time of this second visit to campus. His address for 1906 was entitled "Rural Development".

1907 - June 19

Rev. Rockwell Harmon Potter

Potter was pastor of Center Church in Hartford, and later dean of the Hartford Seminary. At the first ceremony for which the graduating class wore caps and gowns, Potter talked about "The School of Life".

1908 - June 17

Edward H. Jenkins

Jenkins was director of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station from 1900 to 1922. For the CAC commencement, he spoke on "The Business of Farming". The Jenkins Laboratory of the CAES was named for him in 1931.

1909 - June 16

George P. McLean

"The Starting Posts and Other Posts" was the title of McLean's remarks. McLean was governor from 1901 to 1903, and a U.S. Senator from Connecticut from 1911 to 1929.


Information on the History of Commencement pages was researched and compiled by Mark J. Roy