Undergraduate Commencement Speakers in the 1940s

1940 - June 9

Albert N. Jorgensen

This was the first graduating class to recieve diplomas that bore the name University of Connecticut.

1941 - June 8

Albert N. Jorgensen

An outdoor ceremony was held in 1941, near Hawley Armory. Jorgensen spoke on "The Issue of War and Peace."

1942 - May 17

Albert N. Jorgensen

Jorgensen's address was titled "The Authority of the Liberated Yet Disciplined Mind".

1943 - May 30

Albert N. Jorgensen

This was the first year that women outnumbered men in enrollment; it was also the first year that the Graduate School began offering doctoral degree programs.

1944 - June 4

Albert N. Jorgensen

Just two weeks after D-Day on the beaches of Normandy, Jorgensen gave an address titled "Forming a Beachhead for Peace" at a ceremony held in Hawley Armory.

1945 - June 3

Albert N. Jorgensen

Jorgensen celebrated his tenth year as president, and delivered his eleventh commencement address.

1946 - June 9

Maj. Gen. John H. Hilldring

Hilldring, a member of the Class of 1918 of Connecticut Agricultural College, was Assistant Secretary of State for Occupied Areas, (1946-47). President Albert N. Jorgensen also delivered a charge to the graduating class.

1947 - June 8

Albert N. Jorgensen

The ceremony was held outdoors on the "front campus."

1948 - June 13

Albert N. Jorgensen

The first ceremony held in the new "basketball cage," also known as the ROTC Hangar. Jorgensen's address had the title "The Return to Principle."

1949 - June 12

Albert N. Jorgensen

In place of a commencement address, Jorgensen delivered a Message to Graduates.


Information on the History of Commencement pages was researched and compiled by Mark J. Roy